Technology consulting

Waterville Consulting is the leading firm in New England providing public sector sales teams the insight and actionable strategies to grow their pipeline. We assess your technology based on its applicability in state, local and federal accounts, develop sales plans and support your sales activities. Our record of success is unparalleled in the industry.

Review and Assessment

Waterville’s process begins with the evaluation of a client’s entire product and/or service portfolio. Our team will work with your Sales and Product executives to gain deep knowledge of your product set before we go to market.

FIT GAP Analysis

The second step revolves around Waterville’s deep understanding of the public sector technology marketplace. We have worked with technology companies and public sector customers for twenty-two years. We can take our understanding of your product and identify the proper agency customers for it in state, local, and federal agencies.

Go-To-Market Roadmap

In stage three of our client engagement, our consultants develop a comprehensive 12 month roadmap based on the findings of the FIT/GAP analysis. We apply a timetable, heat map of critical relationships, and assign win percentages to help our clients develop accurate forecasts.

Execution Phase 1

Waterville’s next step is to begin executing against the 12 month strategy outlined in the roadmap. Our consultants work to set key meetings, develop win themes, and prepare clients to succeed in their customer interactions. As you pursue opportunities through RFR responses, our consultants assist in the pursuit strategy and development of any and all bid documents.

First Client Review

On a quarterly or bi-annual basis, Waterville will provide a full client review, evaluating results to date and defining new actionable targets for the following period. Client reviews ensure alignment and are a fundamental component of our process.